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I hope you enjoy these comments and pictures from some of my former students.


Photo Gallery & Student Comments

Sara, Jason & Baby Katelyn

Thank you so much for all you taught us, we used everything we practiced!

Zandi, Howard & Baby EliEli

...even though he came early he is thriving and I am so happy, I truly believe its due to Bradley methods and what we learned...

Tiffany, Chris & their Bradley Babies
...wanted to send you a picture of our kids, all three Bradley Babies thanks to you. Thank you so much for the blessing you are to the community. Just to let you know, this third labor was completely needle free, before and after, in a hospital. Not even a hep lock. Just a little tidbit for your students, you can let them know it can be done...

Chrissy, Brian & Baby Liam


I am very proud to say that I gave birth without any drugs being administered. Taking the class, reading all the materials, and practicing every night was the best thing my husband and I could have done not only for our baby, but also for our relationship. I am amazed at the beautiful little boy we brought into this world and I am grateful we chose to do it this way. It's been the most rewarding experience of my life so far.

Alfred, Myneacus & Baby Marley

Thank you so much for all of the knowledge and help that you shared with us during this special time in our lives. We are just overjoyed! I am proud to say that we were able to apply all of the Bradley teaching methods to our labor and we did it drug FREE!

Jenny, Jeff & baby Finn
We are very happy to report that we had a successful, non-medicated birth! We had a wonderful birth experience.
Bill & Kristin and Baby Emory
The education you gave us was the best education I feel we could have had. Even with our unexpected outcome, the knowledge was necessary and we used so very much of what you taught us
Kristin, Bryan & baby JackJack2

I was super nervous about the whole idea of giving birth and my husband was completely clueless (and scared) about what to do and how to best support me. Taking the class really helped put both our minds at ease. As it turned out, NOTHING went as planned and I wound up having a cesarean, however, we were able to handle things because of what we'd learned in the class. Both my husband and I agree that the money we paid for the class was some of the best money we've ever spent!

Julia, Matt and Baby Coleman

Coleman is this couple's THIRD baby birthed the 'Bradley' Way!

You played such a significant role in preparing us and teaching us through Bradley. Thank you, thank you! We have talked about you at each of our births! Bradley has been so great for our family, and we have highly recommended it to many friends.

Ashley, TJ & Baby Riley

It was a successful VBA2C, all natural! And yes, I would do it all over again and I'm already planning to do it again in a couple years. The experience of having a vaginal birth and med-free was empowering! Thanks for all your help.

Walter, Wendy & baby WesleyWesley

Your class was very valuable for us -- without that information I never would have had the confidence to try a natural birth. Thanks again for everything. Walter was an excellent coach...I couldn't have done it without him.

Myers Family

The latest edition to the Myers family was born 10/24/02 after 12 hours of unmedicated labor with his dad catching and big brother and sister in attendance. A super intervention-free hospital birth!Clockwise from top: Mom, Hayden (1day), Katie (almost 6yrs), Andrew (2.75yrs) and Jacob (4.5yrs)

Todd, Stephanie & baby SimonSimonI'm VERY PROUD to announce Simon's arrival. He's a big boy, weighing in at 10 pounds, 4 ounces and 24 inches long. Both Stephanie and Simon are doing great. I'm proud of her for giving birth to such a big boy without taking any drugs at all - not so much as an aspirin thanks to our childbirth classes Mary, Bob & baby MaxMax

We are very happy with how things went, although the birth plan went totally out the window....everything worked out because I'm healthy and the baby is healthy and Bob and I are on cloud nine!... Thanks again for a great class. It was a huge help in getting us through the day yesterday and Bob was a wonderful coach!

Joyce, John & baby JackJack

We really appreciate all the information and support that you've given us. I've told all my friends about how great the Bradley classes are and I recommend your class...

Marla & Baby JacobJacob
...Thank you for the class as well as your help and support though our pregnancies...
Kathryn, Ian & Baby LillianLillian

We're thankful we took the Bradley Class and our birth went extremely well! Thanks!

Chris, Paul & Baby Lexa
Things I got out of the course...a continued closeness with Paul throughout the pregnancy (he felt more involved and helpful because of the focus on father support), and confirmation that our birth choice (natural, non medicated, doula, midwife) was the best one
Stacey, Greg & Baby Lauren

We are convinced that without The Bradley Classes our birth experience would have been very different. Although things did not go as we had planned we still had a wonderful experience. Our goal was health Mom, healthy baby - and that was the end result. The birth team commented on how calm we were during the entire process. We dealt with each contraction in a calm relaxing manner, just as we had practiced for months. We are confident that our future children will be Bradley Babies as well.

Tammy, Brent & Baby Grady

We had a wonderful experience in your class and as a result had a wonderful experience in the delivery room also. I would recommend Bradley to anyone who's willing to listen!!


If you are interested in a reference or want to talk to former student(s) about their experiences in my Bradley® Classes, use the CONTACT page to send me an email.

Thank You!

I want to thank all my students for giving me the privilege of being a part of their birth preparation. I'm so proud of ALL my Bradley® babies! A special "thanks" to those who graciously provided their comments and photos for inclusion on my web site. 



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