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The Bradley Method® is a comprehensive, 12-week childbirth class covering all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Our curriculum is EVIDENCE and EXPERIENCE based and really works! 

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Seasons and Changes...

Please note that I am taking a hiatus from teaching at this time to focus more time on family.  I will not be taking any new students until further notice.  It's been a true honor to be a part of so many couples' childbirth preparation over the years and to impact over 500 Bradley(r) births!  My best wishes to everyone starting their preparation journey.  Please visit the national website ( for the most up-to-date listing of Bradley(r) classes in your area.



For over 30 years, the Bradley Method® has been preparing couples to birth naturally and joyfully through the mastery of simple but effective labor techniques.  Our class also prepares you for all aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond.

Our statistics prove that our method really works!  Nationwide, over 85% of Bradley couples delivering vaginally give birth without any pain medications at all.  The c-section rate for my students is less than half the current national rate.  Check out the comments and photos from some of my former students on the Photos page. 

I am proud to offer the standard 12-week Bradley Method® class series in the Charlotte, NC area.  My classes are held on Pitts School Road, about 5 minutes from Concord Mills Mall and Lowe's Motor Speedway. This location is convenient to much of the Charlotte, NC Metro area. Space is limited to ensure individualized attention.  I have classes forming regularly, and may add class series as needed based on interest. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and my classes do tend to fill so I encourage you to register as soon as you are ready. Pre-registration and receipt of your deposit is required to hold your spot in class.  Please see the REGISTRATION page for details on scheduling, pricing, registration and terms.

We Teach and Endorse the Following Ideas:

The PRIMARY goal of the Bradley Method® is a HEALTHY MOM and BABY!

We teach you strategies to help you stay as low-risk as possible, increasing your odds for a natural birth and healthy outcome. We also teach and endorse:

  • Natural childbirth.
  • Active participation by the husband (or other loved-one) as coach.
  • Excellent nutrition (the foundation of a healthy pregnancy).
  • Avoidance of drugs during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Training: "early bird" classes (when available) followed by weekly classes starting in the 6th month, continuing until birth.
  • Relaxation and NATURAL breathing as keys to reducing pain in labor.
  • "Focusing in" and working with your body.
  • Immediate and continuous contact with your new baby.
  • Breastfeeding, beginning at birth.
  • Consumerism and positive communications.
  • Parents taking responsibility for the safety of the birth place, procedures, attendants and emergency back-up.
  • Parents prepared for unexpected situations such as emergency childbirth, and cesarean.

Course Content

Although each class has a specific topic that is covered in detail, each class also covers nutrition, exercise, positive communication, and coaching. A different relaxation technique will be demonstrated and assigned for practice each week. Most classes feature a video presentation. (This is the curriculum covered in a Bradley® series.  While all topics will be covered in your class series, it may not be presented in this order)

  • Class 1: Introduction to the Bradley Method®
    Philosophy, goals, staying healthy and low risk, exercises, pain in labor
  • Class 2: Nutrition in Pregnancy
    Nutrition is key to staying healthy and low risk, introduction to breastfeeding
  • Class 3: Pregnancy
    Physiology of pregnancy, anatomy, birth choices
  • Class 4: The Coach’s Role
    Coaching during pregnancy, importance of natural childbirth, bonding, father’s role in breastfeeding, drugs, myths and birthing
  • Class 5: Introduction to First Stage Labor
    How your body works in 1st stage, stressing respect for the natural process and examining built-in safeguards for you and baby, basic coaching techniques, how to practice, standard hospital procedures
  • Class 6: Introduction to Second Stage Labor
    How your body works in 2nd stage, Natural alignment plateau, basic pushing techniques, 3rd stage, recovery
  • Class 7: Planning your Birth
    Consumer information, writing a birth plan, positive communication with birth team, 1st stage labor rehearsal
  • Class 8: Variations and Complications/Postpartum Preparation
    Discussion of various complications including c-sections, how to handle interventions, taking care of mom after baby is born
  • Class 9: Advanced First Stage Techniques
    Advanced coaching techniques for 1st stage, labor rehearsal, role-playing
  • Class 10: Advanced Second Stage Techniques
    Advanced labor rehearsal, more on 2nd stage techniques and review
  • Class 11: Being a Great Coach/Are You Ready?
    B.E.S.T. techniques for labor and birth, comprehensive review, emergency childbirth, what is labor, anyway?
  • Class 12: Preparing for your New Family
    Newborn care, common routine newborn procedures, nurturing, breastfeeding, adjusting to parent-hood
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